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My work is based upon the Integral Development approach to coaching.

Integral- Using the many different parts of your life to support your development

Development- Building skillfulness and managing personal change that is ongoing

This way of coaching takes in every part of life. We can all be experts in some areas but are often novices in others. When faced with some sort of difficulty, we tend to revert to approaches we have used before. What to do, then, if they don't work? An integral coach can act as a guide, as a travelling companion, in those neglected areas of life

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My role as a coach is to support you in your development and help you respond more skillfully to the challenges and opportunities of work and life.

The coaching relationship is a partnership.The relationship is based on real presence and complete trust with each other. We hold each other accountable and work together in setting and achieving your goals.

In the space created between the coach and client new possibilities open up that no amount of solitary head-scratching or navel-gazing could reveal.

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Understanding your world

 A tailor made coaching programme unique to you and your needs.

 The programme will be geared towards an agreed purpose and will be framed by a number of clearly stated objectives. Those objectives are laid out in such a way as to make it clear, at the end of the programme, how much progress has been made.

Between the sessions you will be given practices to take up which are designed to help develop new awareness around your coaching topic. 

Our sessions  will be held either at a mutually convenient location for the client and coach or over Zoom.

Each session lasts between an hout and an hour and a half.

Coaching programmes vary between 3 - 6 months, meeting every few weeks.

Fees - I try to keep my fees affordable with the fees agreed according to individual circumstances and requirements.