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At the heart of my coaching work is the belief that for a business to be effective it has to foster a nurturing environment for its employees. My primary focus is to help the client’s ability to self generate new possibilities within their work environment, building skillfulness which is lasting and ongoing.

I often collaborate with other coaches, actors and trainers so that I can offer a range of ways of working to suit the client’s individual needs from one to one coaching programmes, action learning facilitation and skills training for groups to professional role play and improvisation.

All our work attends to the individuality of the client providing a space where the client feels seen for themselves, respected and able to explore and learn.

Below are examples of some of the things we get up to. Please get in touch to discuss what might work for you and your organisation.

In Negotiation


Executive coaching covers many different areas. My background lies in communication training and leadership development. I have found that my executive coaching programmes have helped leaders to-

Improved communication skills

Increased self-esteem/self-confidence

Increased productivity

Optimized individual/team work performance

Improved work/life balance

Increased well-being

Support Group


The Action Learning programme is  both an effective and reasonably low - cost response to the current challenges that are facing organisations.

A set consists of 8 delegates working with a skilled developmental coach.

 During each meeting one or two members of the group will be coached by the rest of the circle on a work challenge or issue that is current to them.

The point is to use live issues for the delegates, that the whole group can learn from together.

This work can be used to identify blind spots in your business, break down silo mentality and create a more supportive feedback culture in your organisation.

Action Learning groups identifies challenges in the organisation, which we can then respond to by creating a training program tailored to the   the specific challenges identified by the group



Using a team of professional actors and facilitators we work with you in designing and delivering engaging and highly interactive role plays that will help your team and business in addressing what it is that matters most.

Our training helps people to step back and respond more productively to demanding situations. Using professional actors we are able to bring training sessions to life with fresh perspectives a sense of fun and energy.

 To date we helped people to:

Communicate with confidence

Develop personal impact

Be more – or less – assertive

Manage difficult conversations

Taking Notes


These can be small bespoke groups to large training workshops. They can be stand alone training sessions or a part of a ongoing training programme.

Working with a developmental coach we get to know your company and what matters most to you and then together we design a workshop or training programme that delivers our agreed outcomes.

Currently running =

Speaking with Presence - 2 hrs

Creating a Feedback Culture - 2 hrs

Corporate Offerings: Services
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