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There are points in life, when we find things are not going our way. We might be unsure how we got there or have fixed stories about the route we took. Either way, we have come to a standstill. what used to work does not seem to any longer and we are asking the question - So what happens now? 

This point may feel uncomfortable, even hopeless, or it might inspire you to make positive changes to your life and try something new? This point can be an opening into our coaching work together. 

Personal development coaching is a wonderful opportunity to identify and tackle issues that are difficult to address on your own. 

Our work explores what is holding you back, what stories about ourselves need to be let go and what new possibilities need to be looked at. We all have blind spots and having a skilled companion who can shed light on some of them as well as giving you practical new skills is invaluable.

If you’d like to begin a conversation about coaching with me, please get in touch.

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"I found Jamie to be highly professional, motivational and fun to work with. I came to Jamie needing help and advice on some issues in my personal life and career. He set about creating more structure in my life and helped me feel more confident and focused again.

 I would definitely recommend Jamie to anyone who might be feeling a bit lost and needs help to get back on track."

Andy - PCC Manager

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